7 Resume Mistakes To Stop Making Today Jobs

You might have made some mistakes on your resume if it’s not getting the response you had hoped for. Your resume is a standard record that provides information about your career history. It plays an important part in either landing you a job or not getting one. If you want to understand how to improve your chances of getting your dream job, a great way is to avoid some common resume mistakes in 2021.

Focus On Accomplishments Rather Than Tasks

One common resume mistake that you don’t want to make is converting your resume into a record of duties and tasks. Even though it is vital to list down the things you do at your job, but it more vital to provide information about your accomplishments and achievements. Listing tasks simply irritates the hiring person.

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Listing your accomplishment sends the message that you can easily get the job done. Talking about your achievements is more powerful than sharing your daily responsibilities and tasks. It might be your duty to sell the company’s products to customers, but sharing that you are one of the top sellers in your company, will surely get the attention of a hiring employer.

Objective Statements Are Out Of Date

Objective statements are sentences that you put on the top of your resume expressing your aims and aspirations, but they have become an old idea. It is outdated; your resume will shine by only including a summary of your qualification. Your resume will be more current and get attention from potential employers.

Objective statements tend to show what you as an employee want and require. What is more important is to show your abilities and skills that will make you an ideal candidate for a job profile that you apply for. With your resume, you need to make your hiring manager visualize you in a specific role based on the information you provide. The summary of qualifications on your resume needs to be like a list of your most excellent facts such as key skills (both soft and hard skills), your work style, areas of expertise, and years of experience.

No Sufficient White Space

Many experts suggest keeping your resume small and neat. A resume of one or two pages. If your resume is longer than two pages, it will overwhelm a potential employer. When hiring agents go through resumes, they are fast and simple, they don’t have the time to go through a resume that is lengthy and is filled with irrelevant information. If you are a seasoned worker, it is difficult to fit everything in a limited space. This might lead to you widening the margins and decrease the font size, but you must not do that. The font size on your resume needs to be of the appropriate size. This is a great example of a sample resume with errors.

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Your resumes need to be visually pleasing to the eyes and not be too wordy. Try to include relevant details from your recent work so that the hiring manager can see you in the particular profile. With proper use of the number of words and font size, you can accomplish the white space and appropriate amount of content that will make it simple for the hiring employer to see your achievements.

Forgetting to Proofread Your Resume

This is a sentiment that has been expressed way too many times. It is difficult for your employer to be confident about you and trust you if the information on your resume has grammatical errors.  Try using applications that help in detecting these errors. You can use style guides, Grammarly, and various other platforms that help you to proofread your resumes. These help you to write a resume free of grammar mistakes and typos. If you don’t want to proofread your resume, at least have somebody you trust to do it for you.

Not Having An Updated Resume

Candidates must always edit their resumes to keep them up to date. It helps the hiring manager to understand why you are applying and interested in a particular job. It is a much better option to state a consistent and real message that the position you are applying for is something you are qualified to do, have the particular skills required for that position, and are interested in that job profile. Focus on the keywords from the job description that goes well with your skills and you.

Using Wrong Jargons And Buzzwords

Everyone uses words like motivating hard-working, team player, etc. in their resumes. These words are used too many times by people and have become buzzwords. Employers usually just glaze through these words. Try not to use these words in your resume and focus on your accomplishments and skills instead.

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You can use some action verbs to show your talent. Mention about a team project you worked on instead of stating you are a team player.

Don’t Have An Inappropriate Length Of Resume

Hiring managers and recruiters are busy people; they don’t have the time to go through your excessively lengthy resume to find the one or two pieces of information they are looking for. Your resume will probably not going to be read by employers if it is too long.

If you write too much, there is a possibility that you are just repeating yourself. This shows that you don’t have the ability to be concise and to the point. However, it is also paramount that your resume is extremely short. If your resume is anything less than a page, that only implies that you don’t have much to show about your education, experience, and skills.

The conclusion is that employers want to hire candidates who show consistency, passion for the job, and attention to detail. Make sure not to make these seven resume mistakes to get through the interview process and finally get that job. If you are looking for PHP developer jobs or any other jobs in various industries, Switch.Do can help you.