7 Things to Never Do In A Job Interview Interview

Giving an interview is not an easy process. We should be ready with the frequent answers and questions along with the updates of the happenings going around the world for the interview procedures. Apart from knowing what is required for the interview, there are things not to do in an interview. We believe that salesforce jobs for freshers are an opportunity to be taken care of with smartness and updating oneself according to technological advancement. The hiring team keeps concerned about few major things not to do in an interview and they give you scores according to that judgment. These are some of the selective criteria for the interview process for the salesforce jobs for freshers.

Following are the 7 things that an individual should never do in a job interview.

1.Never turn off late during the interview process

We all know that the first impression is the last. If You're turning in late on a very important day, decreases the chances of getting selected for the ones on a job opportunity. It happens many times with the candidates who are not punctual for the job interview and their following chance. Even if you are entered in the interview, it is not at all a good beginning for the formal procedure. Results can be bad in case the interview procedures are scheduled back-to-back. You won't be missing all the interviews one by one. You need to make sure that the alarm is properly set and you already know the location where you are moving ahead. If the interview process is located in another city where you are not residing, it would be our smart idea that you should once visit that city before the procedures.

2.Inappropriate dressing sense

Apart from keeping in mind that you are on time for the interview, you should be well dressed keeping in mind all necessities. Try to ensure which kind of attire you have to wear. It should not happen that you are looking exactly normal among the crowd. You should have a good idea about the dressing code for sitting in the interview which builds up another impression in front of the recruiting team. Select your attire according to the job profile you have applied for.

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You can also make researches before the conduction of the interview in association with the type of attire to be worn so that you look totally professional and smart enough.

3. Failing to prepare for the interview process

The moment you have started applying for the different job opportunities in different companies, you should start going through the frequently asked questions and answers and initiate getting updates in Association with the preparation of the job interview. It is a bad practice of going bluntly in the interview and not preparing for any of the points surcharge knowing the profile of the company, distinct roles of the professional, etc. The recruiting team always desires that you have done the entire homework sincerely and there should be no sincerity towards that. If you are sincere in the initiation of the interview process is used that you will continue the same even if you are hired.

4.Giving false statements during the interview

You should be fair enough in maintaining honesty while preparing the curriculum vitae or sitting in the interview process. The recruiting members are quite smart and can judge that the person sitting in front is lying just for the sake of grabbing the opportunity. Such behavior is inappropriate and illegal in front of the recruiting members and is not tolerated. Therefore, you should never lie to the hiring members and always produce yourself as an honest and authentic personality. The details about the potentials, qualifications, and background should be exactly true because it leaves the foundation of trust and confidence between the two parties. Maintain your ethics throughout the job interview process and prove yourself right.

5.Speaking against the previous company

This practice is not considered fair in front of the hiring members because they know that the candidate sitting in front can do anything and everything just to acquire the job opportunity. Even if the terms with the previous company were not good and healthy, you should always project the relationship between you and the boss of the previous company as collaborative and trustworthy. You should also ensure that you are describing some of the potentials and life skills that you have developed during the job previously. 

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The interview is not the correct time for sharing such type of information. If you are trying, again and again, to run the previous boss and employers down, it is considered an unprofessional attitude.

6.Inappropriate body language

Apart from the right dressing code, you need to keep care about the body language and gestures right from the time when you have entered the door of the building. Every time you are under the surveillance of the camera and are judged on basis of the gestures and Impressions in front of the staff members and workers. The interview is not a process that is conducted in a single room, rather you are judged according to multiple parameters. Try to be enthusiastic and look into the eyes of the hearing member when you are answering any question. Maintain your personality as fair enough and stay alert to look professional and interested.

7.Being rude to the receptionist

Even if you are applying for a high job profile in the company, you are not allowed to talk rudely to any of the staff members in the receptionist. If you are selected for the job opportunity, you have to have maintained good relationships with all the members equally. Never make mistakes by being rude to any of the person including the security guard. Be down to earth and smart enough in revealing your personality.



To summarise, we need to be alert in association with things not to do in a job interview. Try not to repeat mistakes that you have already made in the last interview.