How To Promote Professional Growth From The Career Center Career Guide

We are living in an age where competition in every industry is at its peak. No matter how qualified you are and what skills you possess, you will always find yourself competing with other prospects applying for the same job, probably for the same company!

This is why it is important to start preparing students for securing their dream jobs and helping them work hard for them fairly early. While they are studying in universities, students should start honing their skills and referring to relevant references that prepare for the job hunt waiting for them as soon as they graduate. If they miss this opportunity, wondering how to improve career development in an organization would be a tough task to accomplish.

This is why a career center plays an important role in providing capable students with ways to improve professional development.

What Is A Career Center?

A career center is a section within an educational institution dedicated to helping the students prepare to secure the jobs they desire to get and guide them towards the same. The professionals and career counselors in these centers help students with developing their skills, building their resumes, and work towards professional development.

Career Centers are also associated with the placement programs held within the institution and guide the students in appearing for the campus recruitment interviews. Right from choosing a career path to landing a job, these centers help a student define their careers in the best possible manner.

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How To Convince Students To Focus On Professional Growth

Despite all the benefits offered by career centers, it is often difficult to persuade students to engage with career experts and focus on their professional development. Most students take these programs lightly and are not willing to take action until a company visits the institution for placement.

If you are willing to convince your students to be an active part of a career center, you can persuade them by making these arguments:

Employers Prefer Skilled Candidates
It is important to make students understand the importance of acquiring and honing skills to perform well in campus placements and being preferred by employers across the board. Whether it is working on hard skills to obtain technical finesse or nourishing soft skills to be good at any job in any industry, students need to understand the importance of being skilled before they graduate.

Professional Growth Is Fulfilling
Apart from making money and getting promoted, professional development is fulfilling to an individual and provides them with a sense of accomplishment. Always make the students understand that focusing on professional growth would give them the happiness that is beyond material gains.

Going Up The Ladder
Without professional development, an individual will remain stagnant in the position they have already acquired. Once the students understand the horror of doing the same job for years without climbing up the ladder, they will naturally start focusing on their professional growth and begin working for the same.

Loving Your Job
If you are dedicated to leveraging your professional growth, you are bound to fall in love with the job you do. In 2021, no one wants to drag themselves to work every day for doing a job they don’t like. It is important to make students understand that they should focus on professional growth to land a job they would love going to every day.

How To Get Students To Work Towards Professional Growth
Apart from convincing them to get serious about their professional growth, it is important to create conditions that are conducive for them to do so.

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Here are some of the important ways in which you can make your students take their professional growth seriously and work towards building their skill-set:

Assuming Leadership Positions In Student Organizations
Leadership qualities demand to be nurtured at a fairly early stage. If a student aspires to occupy a position in the senior management of an organization, they should start their journey by taking up leadership positions in student organizations.

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These small steps help students in developing their leadership skills, working in teams, and making important decisions for a group of subordinates working under them in the hierarchy. 

Obtaining Early Work Experience
Many recruiters look for students who have garnered work experience before graduating from their colleges. It is always advisable for students to utilize their holidays and spare time volunteering in companies as interns and occupy junior positions to gain experience and exposure.

This will help the students get familiar with a workspace environment and be in sync with the “real world” as opposed to the protected environment of their campus. 

Focusing On Areas Outside Their Comfort Zone
Although they might not end up pursuing them, it is always advisable for students to venture into professional areas and develop skills they are not the most comfortable in developing. At a stage where a student can grasp more and acquire maximum knowledge, it is important to challenge themselves to expand their skill-set. Also, having knowledge about fields that fall outside the spectrum of the concerned job always impresses recruiters.

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Being Exposed To Training And Educational Resources
In the age of digitization, a student no longer needs to visit a library to acquire knowledge pertaining to their field of interest. A simple Google search would provide them with a treasure trove of training resources that help them enrich their knowledge and develop all required skills.

To ensure that the students are focused on their professional development, it is important for a career center to expose them to the right TED talks, webinars, workshops, blogs, videos, and other relevant resources that help them prepare for securing their dream jobs. 

The Final Word
Owing to the immense competition across all sectors, getting a fulfilling job is getting increasingly difficult for young professionals and students. It is, therefore, important for students to seek the utmost assistance from career centers and for the career experts to guide the students in accomplishing their professional goals.