Important Questions Asked in A Graduate Interview Interview

Are you going to enter the interview process for your very first job? Therefore, as a fresh graduate, it is quite important to go through the trail of graduate interview questions and answers which will brief you about some of the job platforms and job opportunities such as PHP developer jobs. 
The frequently asked graduate interview questions and answers will help you out in realizing what all qualities are required for particular job profiles including the knowledge and experience details. 

Need of question and answers 

The job seekers are preparing themselves for that competition after going through the set of fresh graduate interview questions and answers deeply. These questions are not only helping them in boosting the confidence level but also to fight the tough interview in one go.
Specifically, if you are searching for a job for PHP developer jobs or other Salesforce jobs, it is highly recommended that you should go through the pros and cons of the various stages of the recruiting process. 
So, here are a few fresh graduate interview questions and answers that will help you a lot while giving an interview.

1. Giving an introduction about yourself 

This is the first and foremost question in the list of graduate interview questions and answers. The interviewers have already reviewed the curriculum vitae, still desire to know few more things about you about your interest and disinterest.

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Especially when you are finding the jobs such as PHP developer, the recruiting members are eager to know the details associated with the education and work experience in the same discipline. They also prepare some situation-related questions to test you in various aspects about how you can deal with the specific circumstances effectively. They can also ask you to say few words about the recent past interviews or your last job. You can take the help of the sample given below as the answer to the above question. 
I have worked for two years in the field of event management since the third year of my college. I was one of the members of the events committee where are utilized my special skills of managing the events concerning revenue and culture. 

2. What is the need for selecting our company only? 

This is another definite question thrown to you by the recruiters advance highly convincing answer from you. Therefore, it is one of the recommendations that you have to research the profile of the company before sitting in the interview so that it becomes easier to talk about the organization and align your answers effectively. 
Answer in the way - 
When I was going through the multiple profiles of the companies, your company's blog about offering charities to the needy people. I have a strong desire to work in a non-profit organization as I was one of the members of such an organization during my college time. So I hope that you are one of the leading ways in such an industry and that is the reason I have come for the job here.

3.How you have been successful and demonstrating the leadership qualities at your college? 

This is another predominant question that detects the behavior of the candidate while dealing with the leadership qualities. It's important to test the candidate with the help of a real-life example to assess how the individual can deal with the situation smartly. You have to answer confidently in such a way that the answers should influence the person in front of you. You can answer in this way. 
I was recruited as the team leader for a. of college and the rule of assessing the attributes and skills of the team members was handed over to me. I potentially proved myself by leading the teams in every respect and strive hard to remove the discrepancies while managing the events and leading the followers.

4.Describe your strength and weaknesses

The recruiting members throw this trick question to you so that they can assess you regarding the self-awareness level. Therefore, it is quite important to be ready with the answer and identify your strength and weaknesses before going to the interview. You also need to plan about the weaknesses so that you can improve on the same sooner. 

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You can answer as - 
Strength is to be confident and honest every time irrespective of the member or kind of situation. I was terrible at managing my task and faced a lot of issues since I was not well enough to meet the deadlines. 
I have started working on my weaknesses and therefore I need the job opportunity as a platform full-time employee I can easily prioritize my activities and finish the work before the dedicated time frame.
Therefore, it is an important step of highlighting the strength and weaknesses so that the hiring members can easily figure out whether you are suitable for the job profiles. All these preparations would assist to project yourself confidently with enhanced interpersonal skills delivering the best answers.

5.Where do you see yourself in the coming five years? 

It is one of the popular questions for the graduate people asked on behalf of the hiring managers so that they can get a fair idea about the prospects. You can also answer in the way that you don't have rigid planning associated with the five years miscellaneous ideas which you can put forth. 
The answer can be- 
I am well aware that I need to practice some of the skills and that is the reason for my excitement about grabbing the opportunity in your highly reputed company.
 I have planned to develop myself professionally and personally at the same time so that I can fulfill your expectations and bring optimistic transformation inside me and my surroundings. 
I see myself as a leading person in the coming five years and stand outstanding while contributing tremendously during the handling of big projects.


We are sure that you have got meaningful points from the above discussion about fresh graduate interview questions and answers. Wish you good luck with your career.