New Stats About Working from Home in Covid 19 pandemic Work From Home

According to some researchers and experts, expected that by the end of the year 2025 there would be the adoption of new normal working conditions. But with the ongoing pandemic, the covid work from home statistics the working behavior. People have started working online from home itself including the people who were searching for Python developer jobs in Bangalore. 

Why remote working?

There has been a tremendous change in the working culture where the companies are struggling hard for keeping up the initial months of working according to a remote system.
 The professionals have started adopting the remote working system and it is a better form of working to be safe and secure every time. The people are satisfied by working work from home online and the satisfaction level is proved by the covid work from home statistics.
Let us go through some of the shocking statistics associated with work from home. 

1. There has been an increase in remote work by 173 percentage 

All the sectors including the software sector where the people had started searching the job opportunities such as the Python developer jobs in Bangalore have started working online since the year 2019 when the covid-19 pandemic broke out. It is an alarming time for everyone to earn the living anyhow. People have started adopting the technological platform and revolutionized their way of working digitally adopting multiple job roles. The highest statistics were observed between the year 2005 in 2019 and the people have started working faster than before which is approximately 10% better.

2. Adoption of remote work platform by 56 % of the overall companies

The companies have changed their way of working and all the Global networks have started offering remote job opportunities to the Employees so that they can continue their living at is inside their homes. Statistics reveal that only 16 % of the Global companies are working fully according to the remote system. There is also an availability of hybrid companies that have started working partially online and offline. For the employees.

3. 90 percent of the total global organizations started with remote working options 

It is good news for all the employees during the coronavirus pandemic, all the Global organizations have started working online because the government has strictly limited the movement of the people and has launched reserved lockdown for few months to limit the spread of the virus. 

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 Companies encouraging the employees to work according to the remote options and approximately more than 95 % of the Global organizations have respected the traveling-related working systems.

4. More than 50 % of the people have started working remotely once a week 

There has been a great change in the working pattern where all the employees have started working online at least one time per week. The commuter behavior of the employees is limited in this pandemic. 52 % of the population is comfortable working online and more than 60 % have worked remotely at least once time every month.

5.Lowering the employee turnover rate for the companies offering remote work 

The companies which have started offering remote work have initiated another way of working by lowering down the employee turnover rate by 25% age approximately. Therefore, the percentage of the total employees are reduced for a fixed time and others have lost their jobs in this high alarming time.

6. Small size companies initiated had the hiring process twice for the fully remote employees 

It is one of the good chunks of news that delivered satisfaction to the Employees for getting hired in the small companies which have started the recruitment for the full-time employee approximately two times better than before. The technology has improved the hiring processes by 33 percentage and has also reduced the time frame for recruitment.

7. Around 5 million people used to work from home before the pandemic situation 

It is one of the powerful statistics that reveal that more than 5 million people have already adopted the remote working system. Before the year 2019 according to the statistics produced by the Bureau of labor, in the regions such as the United States, 5 percent of the total workforce had already adopted the remote working system.

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8. More than 50 % of the employees are more likely to work online for improving the work-life balance 

The covid-19 has improved the balance between professional life and personal life. Employees have started managing their livelihood in a better manner than before. You don't have to worry about the commuting schedule and have started achieving financial stability by working work from home.

9. Majority of the employees Faceless distracted by working online 

It is one of the predominant statistics that reveal that around 75 percent of the employees can work with full concentration and seriousness when they have started working at their homes. They are happier than before even when they are surrounded by the household course and getting surrounded by pets.

10. Employees have started preferring to work online in avoiding office work for importantly concentrating on the projects 

The working conditions have improved for the past few months when the people have started working remotely and how they can concentrate better on the upcoming projects. 
The employees were surrounded by several barriers and distractions when they used to work in the office places. Now they are sitting at their home and can you show higher productivity than before. People have changed the dynamics of working and are showing high efficiency day by day. This pandemic has taught many people to learn new strategies of working and live life differently. They are secure at their home and are surrounded by family members which is the biggest level of satisfaction.


So far, we have covered significant working from home statistics 2021 covid. Now it is high time for embracing the remote work where every offline platform is disappearing day by day because of insecurity issues. Try to adopt new technologies and other remote work strategies for engaging yourself in business opportunities.