Preparing Yourself For A Job Hunt In The Post-Pandemic World Job

For the last two years, professionals and organizations have been struggling to streamline their processes and head back to normalcy. The pandemic forced organizations across the board to function virtually and cut down their costs to survive the catastrophic situation. This made several companies let some of their employees go, despite them being capable and dedicated.
Now that the COVID situation is coming under control, we have skilled and deserving individuals without a job. Companies have slowly started functioning normally and have a few vacancies that can be filled. However, the number of jobs offered by organizations across the board is still much less than the number of employees looking for jobs.
This results in a “rat race” in the post-pandemic world.
If you are not willing to be crushed in this race, here are some of the most important ways in which you can prepare yourself for a job hunt in the post-pandemic world :

Learn New Skills

At the end of the day, an organization subscribes to the skills possessed by its employees by hiring them. The more skills you possess, the greater are the chances of you getting a job. In 2021, it is an advantage to be the “Jack of all trades” in order to diversify the services you can provide to an organization.
When you are preparing for a job hunt in a world that is full of competitors, the only way to outdo them is by up-skilling yourself. Learn new skills that help you leverage your existing ones and help you provide a complete package to the company you are hired in. 
When it comes to learning, there is no shortage of resources and platforms that you can use for acquiring new skills. Take up an online course, watch YouTube videos, read eBooks, and look for different resources to acquire new skills and expand your skill-set.

Get In Touch With Like-minded Individuals

Along with having the required skills, networking plays an important role in preparing yourself for a job hunt in 2021. When you get in touch with like-minded individuals, it opens doors to new opportunities and helps you find a way to secure a suitable job. 

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Make the most of social media platforms to connect with professionals and peers across the world. Use LinkedIn to get in touch with companies, recruiters, and other job-seekers to get a sense of direction and stay proactive. Join groups on Facebook to stay updated about the job opportunities available for you and interacting with professionals who can help you secure a suitable job.

Update Your Resume

If you haven’t updated your resume since your job in the pandemic, it is highly advisable to do so. Your resume is often the first impression you cast on a recruiter. Make sure you add all relevant details about the skills acquired, initiatives are undertaken, and everything that helps you showcase your skills and qualifications to your potential employer.
When it comes to updating your resume, it should not be limited to updating the content of the document. Updating the design and layout of your resume is equally important. Always remember that recruiters and employers often come across a plethora of similar-looking resumes every day. If you are willing to stand out from the clutter, make sure that your resume catches the eye of the employer immediately. Always be creative in the subject and content of the emails you write to employers for getting hired. Employers often consider this to be an important skill as it showcases the creativity of the candidate.

Get Your Skills Certified

Owing to immense competition, it has become important for organizations to select the most skilled and deserving candidates. One of the most common and effective ways of proving your skills is to get certified. Once you are certified for having a specific skill (or a set of skills), it acts as an official stamp of approval for the claims you make.
For example, if you are looking for IT jobs in Pune as a web developer, you can take up courses and give examinations that officially certify your skills. Adding certificates to your resumes will always add credibility to your skills and give you an edge over your peers.
Getting certified will not only help you in getting hired but would also help you in securing a better job and getting better remuneration. If you are certified, the organization doesn’t need to verify your skills and/or train you once you are onboard. This makes for a win-win situation for you as well as your employer once you secure a job.

Be Prepared For Remote Working

Although organizations have started getting back to on-premise working, a lot of companies are not willing to take risks and are carrying on with working remotely. Especially if you are looking for an IT job, you are very likely to be working remotely with the company.

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This makes it important for you to be well-versed with online collaborative platforms like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and many more. Although these platforms are not complicated to understand, it is always advisable to be thorough with their functioning. This allows the organization to spend less time onboarding you and training you to be comfortable on the platform used by the team. 

Brace Yourself For Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews have become a common practice for the last two years. Organizations across the world are conducting interviews virtually. It is, therefore, advisable to always be prepared for virtual interviews over online collaborative platforms. 
Although virtual interviews look way simpler and more convenient as compared to in-person interviews, there are several factors you must consider to have a successful virtual interview. Always make sure that you are seated at a location with little to no noise in the background. Too much noise would distract (or even irritate) the interviewer, affecting an otherwise seamless interview session.
Never take virtual interviews lightly. Always dress well for the interview and conduct yourself in a decent and impressive manner. The digital screens put even more focus on your mannerisms while you are talking and conducting yourself during an interview. Ask relevant questions to the interviewer, answer their questions gracefully, and make sure that you are well-versed with all the technicalities involved in appearing for a virtual interview.

Conduct A Brief Research About Employers/Companies

As more and more recruitment processes are getting virtual, scammers often trick desperate candidates by posing as genuine employers or companies offering jobs. As you start with your job hunt in the post-pandemic world, make sure that you are well-versed with the employers you are interacting with and the companies you are applying to.
Do not let your impulses get the better of you and land you into trouble. Always interact with verified employers and go ahead with the offer only when you are 100% sure about the authenticity of the opportunity.

The Final Word
The last two years have been tough for professionals working in every major industry across the world. As you head for a new start and get back to hunting for jobs, keep these tips in mind to ensure that your skills are rewarded with the job you deserve!