The Most Beneficial Rules For Working With A Recruiter Job

2020 had been a terrible year for businesses in the wake of the COVID situation. It forced organizations to switch their approach and cut their costs down to survive in the industry. Unfortunately, this resulted in companies having to let some of their valuable employees go.

Several deserving and qualified employees lost their jobs last year and have been looking for the right job opportunities ever since. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal and organizations are adapting to newer technologies, young graduates and experienced professionals are looking for suitable jobs.

However, getting a job in such a situation is not an easy feat to achieve. On one hand, organizations have just come back on their feet and are looking to cover the losses incurred during the previous year. Companies are likely to be very selective when it comes to offering jobs, making it important for the candidates to approach them the right way.

On the other hand, the number of job applications keeps increasing across the board as more and more candidates are willing to get employed. This makes it difficult for an aspiring professional to make the cut and the organizations to screen the applicants.

This is where recruiters come in.

Recruiters act as a trusted link between an employer and a candidate. They help you streamline the entire recruitment process by sending your resume to the employer and making further arrangements if you are shortlisted for an interview.

The best career recruiters make sure that a candidate approaches the best companies for the most suitable roles. While some of them charge a specific amount before providing their services, the others ask for a percentage of the first salary in case a candidate gets employed.

Whether you are working with individual recruiters or a dedicated recruiting company, it is important not to hurry at the first sign of opportunity and evaluate the opportunities before going ahead with the application. The relationship between a candidate and a recruiter needs to be built on mutual trust and the common goal of landing the most suitable job at an ideal company.

Here are some of the major rules one should keep in mind for working with a recruiter:

Always Be Open To New And Suitable Job Opportunities

An important rule of working with a recruiter is to welcome new opportunities instead of neglecting them outright. Candidates often make the mistake of sticking to a single job opportunity provided by a single company. If you tend to be too stringent about your choices, you are likely to wait for too long and end up losing multiple opportunities that would have actually fared well for you.

In short, it is always advisable to show an interest in new opportunities offered by your recruiting company and take all possible options into consideration before making a final decision.

Do Not Settle For Anything That Comes You Way

Owing to the increasing need for jobs in almost every sector of every industry, candidates often end up applying for and accepting the first job offer they receive. When you are working with a recruiter, make it a thumb rule not to settle for the very first job offer unless it is highly lucrative and matches all your needs.

For this, you need to be self-aware and know the worth of your qualifications. You are likely to receive job offers that give you the job easily but do not match your skill-set and qualifications. Never make the mistake of going ahead with these options. While it is important to be open to new opportunities, it is also important to be selective when it comes to going with the right opportunities.

Never Ignore The Calls

As trivial as it may sound, it is advisable for a candidate to always take the calls from their recruiters, even if you already have a suitable job opportunity in mind. In most cases, a recruiting company would call its clients just to get a “yes” or a “no” for initial screening purposes. Instead of outright ignoring the calls, it is always better to answer them, listen to the concerned opportunity, and take then take a decision. You can always choose not to communicate with the recruiter any further if they contact you even after you have refused the opportunity.

Always Be Honest With Your Recruiter

As mentioned earlier, the relationship between a candidate and a recruiter is built on mutual trust. The best career recruiters will look for job opportunities and approach employers based on your needs and preferences. It is, therefore, important to be 100% honest with your recruiters.

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Always be transparent about matters relating to the geographical location of the workplace, expected compensation, preferred companies, preferred sector, your past experiences, and other aspects that play an important role in helping you find the most suitable jobs. If you hesitate in providing true and honest information to your recruiters, the base of all their processes itself will become faulty, resulting in unwanted implications.

Ask Valid Questions To Your Recruiter

Taking forward the point of being selective in choosing the recruiter and job opportunities as discussed above, it is always important for a candidate to ask the right questions to the recruiting company before going ahead with a job opportunity.

Always double-confirm the job details and the nature of the job before locking in the opportunity. It is also advisable to confirm the details provided by your recruiter with the employer when you appear for the interview. The last thing you would want is to realize that you have been chosen to work at the wrong place.

Here are some of the key questions you should ask your recruiter before availing of their services:

“Why did you choose me for this opportunity?”

Asking this question will help you understand the reason behind your recruiter choosing you out of all prospects for the concerned opportunity. Also, it helps you weigh your qualifications and chances of being selected for the job. Once your recruiter mentions specific skills as their reason for choosing you, it is advisable to focus on these skills in the subsequent stages for the concerned job opportunity.

“Where did you find me?”

Asking this question will help you understand your prominence and presence as a candidate for the concerned job opportunity. It will make you realize what platforms, keywords, or job searches work for you when it comes to being approached for a specific job. Also, even if the deal doesn’t work out well, this helps you in networking with the right people and recruiters in the future.

“Why is the company hiring for this position?”

Asking the recruiter why a company is hiring for the concerned position will help you tailor your resume accordingly. There will always be a specific set of skills and qualification requirements that a company focuses on for a particular job opportunity.

Once you get to know what the employer is looking for in a candidate, you can craft your resume in a way that highlights the skills they are looking for. Ultimately, this will increase your chances of getting hired.

“How many people have you helped get hired by this company?”

Asking this question helps you get an idea about the relationship between the recruiter and the concerned company. Just like you, the employer is availing of the recruiter’s services as well, and understanding their rapport helps you evaluate your chances of getting a step ahead in the recruitment process.

If the recruiting company has a good track record of placing candidates in the concerned company, you can assume that the company would give a better preference to the applications coming in through your recruiter.

However, this should not be the only reason for you to go ahead with or pass the concerned job opportunity. While a good rapport with the company is an added advantage, it is possible for your recruiter to approach a new company that suits all your needs and preferences.

Never Lose Touch With Your Recruiter

Just like any other professional relationship, active communication is the key to working effectively with your recruiters. Candidates often make the mistake of assuming that their recruiters will always consider their older clients first. This stops them from communicating actively with the recruiters, expecting them to reach out first.

However, that is not how a recruiting company works. No matter how old a client is, a recruiter will always recommend candidates they are in touch with and the ones that are actively in touch with them. Recruiters often deal with several clients at the same time, making it difficult to cater to the individual needs and preferences of everyone.

As a candidate, always make sure that you keep communicating with your recruiters on a regular basis and asking them for suitable job opportunities. There may be times when your recruiter is working on a job opportunity that is perfect for you but fail to pass it through due to lack of communication.

Never Commit Yourself To A Single Recruiter

You may come across a recruiting company that requires you to sign a contract stating that you cannot work with any other recruiter during the specified period of time. Such contracts also have clauses like paying a specific charge to the recruiter if you happen to quit the job too soon.

It is never advisable to be bound to a single recruiter. Just like being open to different job opportunities, it is always beneficial to work with different recruiters who provide you with different job opportunities. Even if you are associated with a single recruiter, never commit or sign a contract that restricts your free will.

Keep A Track Of Your Recruiter’s Work

Although a recruiter is not technically working under you, it is advisable to track and monitor the processes carried out by them when it comes to your job opportunities. Make sure you assess the companies they are associated with, the jobs they bring to you, and the places where your resumes go. This is an important rule of working with a recruiter especially if you are working with multiple of them. Companies often ignore applications of the same candidate brought in from different sources to avoid a turf war between different recruiters. This makes it important to take note of every job opportunity brought in by every recruiter you are associated with.

Also, make sure that none of your resumes are forwarded to employers without your prior consent. Make sure you explain the same to your recruiters before availing of their services.

Keep Your Own Job Search Going

While recruiters are really helpful in getting you placed in a suitable company and making you secure a job you desire, never depend wholly on them when it comes to looking for jobs.

It is always advisable to keep your own job search going while your recruiters are finding job opportunities for you. In fact, candidates should spend a minimum of time and effort in working with recruiters as they are already handling the difficult part of looking for job opportunities. Continuing your own job search will open more doors for you, allow you to network more, and establish direct relationships with the employers.

Take Advice Without Getting Influenced

Finally, it is important for a candidate to take all relevant assistance and advice from their recruiters without letting them dictate their choices. Especially if the recruiter has been working in the industry for several years, they are bound to have valuable insights and suggestions for every job opportunity they bring to you.

However, always remember that it is your decision that should be final and your choices that will help you secure a suitable job. Never let your recruiters make important decisions for you and influence your choices in any way. The last thing you’d want is regretting not taking a stand after you have started working.

Why Are Recruiters Important For Job Hunt?

Now that you are well-versed with the rules to keep in mind while working with a recruiter, let us briefly understand why recruiters are important in the process of the job hunt:

Getting Hired Faster

Working with a recruitment company increases the speed at which you can get hired by an employer. When you go on a job hunt all by yourself, you tend to spend more time finding the right employers, getting in touch with them, and getting your application across to the right people.

A dedicated recruiter is already affiliated with multiple employers and is constantly in touch with them. This helps you speed up the recruitment process considerably.

Meeting Reliable Employers

Owing to the ever-increasing demands for jobs and interactions shifting to digital platforms, it is easy for employers to pose a half-baked picture of the job and hide important details when candidates approach them directly. When you work with a trusted recruiter, you can rest assured that the employers you get in touch with are genuine and you have all relevant details pertaining to the job opportunities.

Suitable Job Recommendations

When you look for a job yourself, you often tend to restrict your search and approach to a specific employer and stay in the same ballpark for a really long time. However, working with a recruitment company allows you to get suitable job recommendations that you might have missed while hunting for jobs by yourself.

Knowledge Of The Industry

Especially if you are a fresher looking for a job, you have little to no knowledge of the industry you are willing to enter. This makes it easy for employers to manipulate you and convincing you to apply for jobs that are not the best for you.

Dedicated recruiters have often gathered sufficient experience in the field and have nitty-gritty details about the industry you are willing to venture into. This helps you avail of expert guidance and advice every step of the way.

Providing Ongoing Incentives

When it comes to looking for an ideal job, motivation plays a key role for the candidate. There often comes a point where you almost give up the job search and lose all motivation to keep looking.

The best career recruiters do not let that happen to their clients. They make sure that the candidates always have some or the other opportunity and alternative to going ahead with. Many recruiters provide weekly or monthly updates to the candidates about the job openings suitable for them.

This helps candidates to keep going and keeping their hopes alive until they finally secure a job they have been looking for.

The Final Word

A job hunt is not an easy task, especially in a scenario where candidates in every industry are looking for jobs to suit their requirements. A recruitment company helps you navigate through the sea of contemporaries and provides you with opportunities that are best for you. If you work with your recruiters by following the rules discussed, you are bound to have a healthy and productive relationship with them.