Top 13 Careers for Entry-Level Remote Jobs Jobs

The internet is gaining worldwide popularity and has become a very important part of everybody’s lives. Employers are constantly searching for people that are interested in remote careers. So let’s check some of the career options that are appropriate for entry-level remote jobs.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketers handle work relating to web content, emails, and social media presence that attract potential customers for a particular brand that provides products and services. They manage the brand’s advertising strategies, website, blog, and search engine rankings.

Freelance Writers

Freelance writers form written content for various clients and make sure to portray their requirements. Writing has different areas of expertise such as marketing, technical, and creative writing. For people who have great written communication skills and like to collaborate with others on various projects, remote freelance writing is a good career option.

Project Managers

They work in various industries and manage the procedures involving finishing a goal and handle different tasks. Project managers generally use scheduling technology and web conferences to check on progress, delegating tasks, the result of their team’s work, and coaching employees. They have great levels of independence and responsibility with high growth opportunities.

Software Engineers

Software engineers create different software ranging from network systems to video games depending on the customer’s requirements. This career option is one of the most popular remote jobs and the highest-paying jobs available. They focus on addressing the full software development. They analyze the requirements, and then create a design, and finally develop and test software in order to meet those requirements.

Customer Services

Various companies and organizations hire people to handle customer service requests. This job can be done via the internet or phone remotely. If you have great communication and phone skills, a job as a virtual call supporter is ideal for you. But a customer service chat job will be a better option for you if you prefer communicating via online chat or email. You have to have the patience to function properly at this job.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers form visual representations of various ideas and thought using traditional artistic mediums or computer applications. You can work remotely; you have to create advertisements, fonts, layouts, logos, and various design components according to your customer’s requirements. If you are a creative person who likes working in a variety of aesthetics and styles, then graphic designing is the perfect career option for you.


Remote tutoring helps children of any age in any subject. It can be biochemistry or English as a second language. There is a variety of subjects that remote tutors teach. They often use teaching software and video calling applications to communicate with students anywhere in the world. The teaching sessions can either be a group or one-on-one basis setting. Some tutors stick to traditional programs, whereas, others create their own plan of teaching. This is for people who want a job with flexible hours and genuinely enjoy teaching.

Operations Managers

They look into important business functions like recruitment programs and quality assurance. They also oversee human resources. These professional employees often work remotely to form and handle proper organization within a company. Operations managers are excellent at time management and are result-oriented; they are a part of almost all the departments of a business.

Travel Agent

A travel agent provides advice about business trips and vacations, makes travel arrangements, and create schedules and itinerary for various clients. This is an important option for the best remote careers. Travel agents coordinate their work via the internet or phone. They handle hotels, entertainment, and flight bookings for passengers all over the world. Travel agents that work remotely usually work for larger companies that require employees in various time zones.


Application Developer

Application developers maintain, create, program, and test various applications for web browsers, computers, and mobile devices. They often work on small teams or independently, this allows them to remotely work from anywhere. Application development is a profession that is growing quickly and provides extra benefits like profit shares or stock options, especially if you are working in a startup.


An accountant prepares and reviews documents for businesses and individuals. These documents are financial in nature. They also make sure that a company is financially strong based on its operating expenses and budget. They provide financial pieces of advice to their customers. Accountants have high growth potential and can work remotely in senior positions and entry-level positions. This profession is lucrative and stable and requires certain skills in tax law, mathematics, and analytical thinking.

Translator Jobs

If a person is proficient in multiple languages or bilingual, they can easily work as a translator. Many of these types of jobs can be done on a freelance basis or remotely. Translating companies employ these translators who work online to translate books, articles, news, pages, and stories.

Sales Expert And Consultant

Sales consultants study the sales techniques and ways of a company and accordingly advise on improvement. Suggestions ranging from developing a plan to find potential clients to creating training programs for sales representatives. Companies that require special expertise and work within a particular niche market hire remote sales experts and consultants.

In this time when the world is dealing with a pandemic, the workplace is changing quickly. The work system is becoming more global and flexible, but this does not mean that people want to be paid less than normal office jobs. As long as employees are adequately compensated, they will focus on their roles more and invest more time working. 
The remote career options discussed above are great and suitable for people looking for a job that provides you independence, of both financial and geographical variety.

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