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web AngularJS Developer Proficient with the Browsers Behavior and advanced DOM understanding.If you are the skilled person with this technology and intense love towards your work, we have a valuable job for you. Just tell us you meet all our requirements below and we will give you a call for certain.WHAT WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH: Understanding all the Clients requirements and creating a project plan accordingly.Design, API integration and making proper use of libraries.Interact with Graphic... Designers and Backend Developers to meet the needful.Lead the assigned task as if it belongs to you.Manage product release to deliver the working application to the client with proper unit testing.ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE: Minimum 1 year of experience with AngularJS and a clear understanding of AngularJS 2.Understanding of Restful APIs and communication with the server.Clear understanding of NPM, Bower and other immensely used libraries.Worked on at least 2 projects which you can showcase live.BONUS, IF YOU ALREADY KNOW: At least Basic understanding of AngularJS 4 and ReactJS.Ionic and Cordova and how mobile application worksShow full descriptionCollapse

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