Data Scientist - BFSI (4-10 yrs)

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Job Description

Performing data-mining and statistical analysis, including predictive modeling, generating and validating hypotheses using data, to support database-marketing strategies that improve customer acquisition/ retention, enhance customer experience, leading to incremental revenue for the Bank.

Job Responsibilities include :-

- Managing analytical solution delivery for 2+ business lines

- Develop predictive models, behavioral segments and event triggers

- Analyse portfolio for solving business problems / identifying new opportunities

- Regular interaction with business / product / campaigns teams

- Ensuring all new analytical solutions are utilized

- Provide end to end analytical support for the given business lines with an objective of increasing campaign revenue / marketing efficiencies / customer value

- Build predictive models / behavioral segments / event triggers for x-sell / activation / retention / attrition control - models to meet minimum performance benchmark

- To be... done for all product / business lines handled by the analyst

- Work with business / campaign stakeholders to understand objective / problem statement, generate hypothesis to solve the objective / problem and run statistical analysis to validate the same

- Work jointly with campaigns and business team to identify business problem, discuss analytical approach and explain the solution which has been developed

- Work jointly with campaigns and business team to ensure that minimum 60% of analytical solutions developed in the FY are utilized for campaigns / on ground activities.

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