DevOps Engineer

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The Development Tools team at Critical Mass has a vital responsibility for our systems and infrastructure supporting the delivery of technical solutions to our clients. The DevOps Engineer role is part hands-on developer, operator, and architect, supporting the business goal of making our clients’ customers’ lives better. Communication and sharing is a key component of the role given that you work with geographically and technically diverse teams. Keeping everyone on the same page as we take... evolutionary steps, while continuing to manage and update current services is not for the faint of heart. The systems in question are what you’d expect to be in support of modern software delivery: source control, artifact storage, continuous integration, issue tracking, wiki, code review, and more. We endeavor to use configuration management to orchestrate the systems, but are pragmatic about its limits in our environment. If you’re passionate about automation, resiliency, testing, monitoring, compliance, sharing, and getting value into your stakeholder’s hands as quickly as possible, this is the ideal role for you. This role can be done remotely in the US depending on location. US Candidates only pleaseRead more

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