Digital - Software Engineer III (Data Mining Engineer)

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JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Data Mining engineer, knowledge on basic statistics and a good and enthusiastic learner. FactSet Data Science team is currently seeking Data scientist or Data Mining Engineer s to join our Data Lake team. As part of this team, one would work on individual projects where he/she will be responsible for its end to end development, presenting results and Integration and deployment as well. His or her work would include Exploring and analysing historical Data and raw Data with... data mining techniques and working on providing solutions for Automation with a wide variety of sources of data, working with other Data Lake team members and collaborating in building the Data Lake and enhancing Data and providing Insights for the Lake and building Api s, constantly enhancing the API capabilities and solving complex problems. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Must have Computer skills Practice of programming in Python Comfortable working in Linux and windows environment Practice of source control, code review, testing frameworks Practice of Big Data frameworks, like Hadoop, Spark Knowledge of both Sql and noSql databases (Columns, Documents, Key-Value) Cloud Basic knowledge of cloud environment, constraints and opportunities Statistics Basic statistics knowledge, probability, correlation, regression, linear algebra, stochastic process Practice of data analysis, data cleanup, data investigation, how to detect and handle unbalance, bias and noise Proficient in data structures and algorithms, in particular: lists, queues, trees, graphs, and sorting, searching, traversing, dynamic programming, and map-reduce pattern Knowledge and practice of Machine Learning and NN algorithms and frameworks Knowledge and practice of Natural Language Processing Others Practice of data mining and data science projects, from understanding the problem to presenting results and deploying in production Communication skills, project presentation, capacity to popularize technics and results Knowledge of Data Mining / Data Science projects and publications Nice to have Computer skills Practice of programming in other languages like R, java, Julia, Matlab Practice working on Jupyter notebook/lab or VS Code Practice working on Git/Github Cloud Practice on AWS cloud / SageMakerRead more

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