Engineering Manager - Python/Django/React.js

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Job Description

Responsibilities :

- Work with the product management teams to determine project requirements and timelines.

- Streamlining processes and developing work schedules for the engineering team to build highly scalable products.

- Lead end-to-end design and development of cutting-edge products.

- Managing and mentoring a team of 2-7 engineers, delegating tasks, explaining requirements and monitoring progress to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

- Build scalable and loosely coupled... services to extend our platform

- Build bulletproof API integrations with third-party APIs for various use cases with the team.

- Have full autonomy and own your code, and decide on the technologies and tools to deliver as well operate large-scale applications on AWS

- Give back to the open-source community through contributions on code and blog posts

- Create technical content such as blogs, technical specification documents and system integration requirements documents

- Keep an eye out for open source projects and technology trends that can be introduced in the products

Requirements :

- 1+ years of Tech Lead & 4+ years of Development Experience

- Strong foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, Operating Systems and software design

- Hands-on experience in Python with 4-7yrs experience in backend web development with Django. Exceptions can be made if you're really good at any other language with experience in building web- app based tech products

- Hands-on experience with Frontend codebases using HTML, CSS, and AJAX. Plus knowledge of Frontend Frameworks and Experience in at least one of the following frameworks - React.Js, Vue.js.

- Deep knowledge of MongoDB, Redis, MySQL

- Basic knowledge of event-based systems using Kafka, SQS or RabbitMQ

- Experience with deploying and scaling microservices. You've worked with AWS services in the past and have experience with EC2, ELB, AutoScaling, CloudFront, S3, SNS etc.

- Proven ability to drive large scale projects with deep understanding of Agile SDLC, high collaboration and leadership

- Excellent interpersonal & communication skills, judgment & decision making skills, & the ability to work under continual deadline pressureShow full descriptionCollapse

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