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Job Title : Full-Stack Developer

Position Description :

This position is with the Enterprise Inventory Management (EIM) group, part of the EnterpriseSystem Management (ESM) department.

EIM is responsible for a set of systems used tomanage Morgan Stanley's IT inventory and assets data, together with their configuration and operational state.

This data is critical for regulatory, operational, and efficiency purposes.

Our goals are :
• Sourcing critical data from the right sources, in a... timely manner.
• Providing efficient data access APIs to many thousands depending systems.-Providing useful data visualization and data analytics tools.

Project description :

We are embarking on a project to improve the storing, querying, analyzing and extraction of vendor reference data related to our infrastructure.

We will be working with hundred of millions of data elements and will be providing advanced reporting and interactive analytic capabilities related to hardware and software lifecycle management.

As a full stack developer, you?ll be designing and building scalable system used to source the reference data and critical data.

You will be involved in the design and implementation of web application used to visualize efficiently this data. You will participate actively in our sprint planning, retrospectives and demos and we expect you to provide constructive feedback on our pull requests and identify new ways to innovate.

The core development team is based entirely in Montreal.

We are looking for a candidate that is passionate about technology and likes to stay on theleading edge of development paradigms, data at scale and continuous delivery.

The idealcandidate is someone who loves to learn and is a quick learner.

Skills Required :
• 4+ years of experience in back-end development, preferably in Java + Spring
• 4+ years of experience in front-end development, preferably in Angular
• Strong programming skills (multithreading, asynchronous programming)
• Experience with relational databases
• Track record of building and maintaining enterprise applications- Comfortable working in a Unix / Linux environment
• Good communication skills
• Strong problem solving skills

Nice to have :
• Data Modelling and Data Analysis skills
• Cloud and distributed environments
• ElasticsearchShow full descriptionCollapse

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