GIS Developer

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Requirements -
• B.Tech/B.Sc. and M.Sc./M.Tech in CSE or IT, Knowledge in GIS or equivalent courses
• Experience (at least 3 years) in developing Open source Web GIS applications
• Experience in mapping libraries and other GIS development utilities like Leaflet, openlayers, jquery, maplibre, turf or similar experience in api like Rest, flask, etc
• Experience in Map servers like Geoserver, geonetwork, mapserver, GLG
• Experience in backend like php, python, django, node or similar
• Experience... in databases like Postgis, mysql, mongoDB or similar

Job Responsibilities-
• Develop, test, debug and maintain web-based GIS applications, tools and supporting web services
• Provide support, troubleshooting, modifications, enhancements and maintenance for existing GIS applications, scripts, tools and webservices
• Create and maintain system related documentation
• Write SQL queries, geoprocessing tools and construct views which support analysis and reporting
• Manage geo-database, guide engineering and remote sensing teams for data requirements and best practices
• Support the extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data for Web dashboard(s), open-source Metabase Dashboards (or similar applications) to be used for reporting and statistics

Prepare and deliver presentations and/or training sessions on GISShow full descriptionCollapse

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