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We are having an urgent requirement for Java Developer at Vashi-Navi Mumbai Location.

Qualifications : MCA or B.E/B.Tech

Core Skill Sets :

1. Core Programming Language : JAVA 8

- Good command on basics/core.

- Sound knowledge of OOPS concept.

- Practical implementation using Collections.

- Problem solving skills using Collections/Java Beans/OOPS concept.

- Web Scripting Language : JavaScript, JQuery, HTML 5

- Web Programming Language : J2EE

- Knowledge of MVC architecture.

- Able to design a basic web-application using MVC architecture including database usage.

2. Database : Preferably Oracle/MySql

- Able to write sql queries.

- Knowledge of sql joins.

- Knowledge of some basic sql functions.

- Basic idea of stored procedures.

Additional Skill Sets :


- Knowledge of reading/writing XML/JSON/CSV documents.

- Web-service

- Knowledge of writing web-service (REST Full).

- Web Framework

- Struts 2/Spring.

- Database Framework

- Hibernate (using Spring... JPA would be preferable).

- Maven

3. Web/Application Server :

- Apache/Tomcat/JBoss/Weblogic/Websphere

- Basic experience of working/deployment on J2EE servers.

4. OS Platform : Windows/Linux.

5. Development Tool : Eclipse.

Purpose of the Position :

- The employee would be responsible to build core and web-based applications having technical implementation of XBRL/SDMX concept.

- The employee would be responsible to write sql/procedures for the core/web-based application.

- The employee would get a deep exposure on working with very good volume of data having such database architecture capable of handling the same.

- The employee would be responsible to build various web-services to be used by language independent applications.

- The employee would be very much responsible to work on standard technology in various parts of the project.

About Company :

IRIS Business Services Limited is one of the first providers of full professional XBRL products and solutions to organizations globally. The company headquartered in Mumbai, India with international offices in United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the UAE.

IRIS is a direct member of XBRL International and XBRL US. The Company has over eighteen years of proven expertise in the financial information management space, providing customized technology solutions for data and content management, for the dissemination of information to investors and stock exchanges, and for effective content management to institutional clients.

Over the last seven years, IRIS has been very closely involved in the XBRL space, in taxonomy creation, software solutions and in the conversion of structured and unstructured data into XBRL for SEC filing in the US. IRIS has multidisciplinary skills in XBRL as well as in technology. Taxonomy experts, software engineers, business analysts and accountants come together to provide a complete range of products and services across the XBRL supply chain.

For more information, please visit http://www.irisbusiness.comRead more

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