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As a simulation software engineer you are responsible for designing, programming, testing and maintaining simulation and emulation software and models. The, often complex, functionality of the software includes business logic, controls for mechanical transportation, sortation and storage equipment, communication with external computer systems, logging, reporting and data analysis.

As a software engineer in our team, you are responsible for all aspects of software engineering. You talk to colleagues to find out what to build. You also design, discuss, and implement the solution in the form of a simulation or emulation model.

The software you write in these models is highly complicated, it has to simulate/emulate all the relevant parts of the real system, while still maintaining performance. We want to be able to run our model on a standard laptop, which makes performance a challenge. This means your job isn't just to write working, readable code, but also to... write performant code. The main challenge in your day-to-day job is finding the correct abstraction: “How can we leave out as much as possible without sacrificing the relevant details and still allowing users and developers to comprehend the logistic process and system behavior?”.

All in all, we're looking for someone with an affinity for technology who's also a competent programmer, with experience in Object Oriented Programming, preferably Java, or otherwise C# or C++.

The Systems Simulation Department has offices in the USA, Canada, China, the UK and the Netherlands, and we’re now adding an office in Pune. This means that you will be mostly working together with people in different countries.

Your Qualifications and skills
• A Master or Bachelor Degree in a technical field, preferably Computer Science or Software Engineering.
• Preferably proficient with Java, but at least knowledgeable of Java, C# or C++;
• Interested in working with graphs (nodes and edges), complex software, in a challenging domain
• Enthusiastic result-driven professional
• Proactive, pragmatic and hands-on attitude
• Committed team player
• Strong communication skills with very good command of the English language
• An affinity with logistical system controls is an advantageRead more

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