Lead Software Engineer - Artificial Intelligence Applications

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Job Description

Lead Software Engineer - Artificial Intelligence Applications & Frameworks

Exp: 7-15 Yrs

Location: Bangalore


Primary responsibilities include:

- Develop end-to-end Video/Speech/Text analytics application using Opensource frameworks.

- Designing and developing reference implementations in machine learning and deep learning-based solutions, representing the customers' technical requirements as the voice of customer and creating competitive analysis from a technical... perspective.

- Performance analysis, you may engage in activities such as development of benchmarking harness, adding testing suites and workloads to the harness, performance monitoring, performance projections, performance benchmarking, code analysis and optimizations.

- Design and implement software components and unit tests in C++/Python.

- Work with software architects to design and implement applications and SW infrastructure:

- With reviews at each stage to ensure integration into the larger system

- With an eye to future maintenance

- With simplicity and clarity.

Required Candidate profile
Qualifications and Experience

The following qualifications are required:

- BS/MS with up to 7 to 12 years relevant experience.

- Degree programs in CS, CE, EE or similar technical field.

- Clear Understanding of Object-Oriented Concepts.

- Development experience in C++ and Python.

- Strong technical and problem-solving skills.

- Strong written and verbal communications skills.

- Ability to define and execute tasks with limited direction.

The following qualifications are highly desirable:

- Knowledge/experience in one or more of the AI and Machine Learnings frameworks such as TensorFlow, MxNet, Pytorch, Caffe, OpenCV

- Familiarity with remoting protocols (Rest API, gRPC)

- Familiarity with Design Patterns.

- Ability to work in a dynamic environment and ability to think on your feet is requiredRead more

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