Multimedia SoC Design Engineer

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In xilinx, processing and multimedia SoC design group strive to get best in Industry class features and productize them. The job requires a candidate who is not limited by the boundary and willing to push the bar. The role of lead multimedia designer is to develop and integrate Multimedia system for state of the art 7nm SoC product. The successful candidate will own subsystem with multiple IP and interconnect including any custom SoC logic requirements. He/she should be thorough... with std-cell based SoC design methodology and timing closure. The knowledge of video codec, image signa processing will be highly appreciated.

-The candidate should be fluent in Verilog and system Verilog

-should know timing closure practices in an SoC

-should have aptitude to learn new technology in multimedia

-should be aware of quick SoC integration and quality checks like Lint

-Candidate should have good depth in CDC, RDC and other clock synchronization issues

-will be point of contact for a multimedia subsystemShow full descriptionCollapse

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