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Company Description

Edvicon International is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization registered under the Digital Infrastructure & Information Technology Division, Ministry of Defense, Sri Lanka.

Edvicon International wants to enhance the quality of education the students receive and enhance the literacy among the Sri Lankan students and students from our member countries while being in an educated International Community.

Edvicon International always fights to give the best out of bests... for its members while focusing on the organization's vision, mission and organizational values. We are determined to prepare and empower our members with the skills and knowledge required to be a challenging figure when they are ready to be in the industry right after completing their education.

Job Description

We are looking for volunteer speakers for our new program for college and university students focusing on giving them an entrance to tech solutions; personal development and making them industry-ready.

The program contains 6 stages. We are looking for a volunteer speaker for the following stage.

Stage 04: Cyber Security and Open Source Services: Git and GitHub
• 1 Session (on weekends)
• The session will be limited to a maximum of 2 hours (Decided by the speaker)
• The audience will be college/university students from Sri Lanka and many other countries.

Session Content
• Git and GitHub

Expected Session Week(s) and Month
• 2nd weekend of May 2022

Member Assessment
• A quiz with 20 questions on the complete 2 sessions must be given to Edvicon International for member assessment and grading purposes.

• Willingness to volunteer
• Coaching/ industry experience in session topics/areas
• Must be an industry professional

Additional Information

Our company culture and ways of working are key differentiators for us and a big part of what distinguishes us from our competitors. Trust, Collaboration, and Agility are the cornerstones of how we operate and interact with members, partners, and coworkers. We strive to give our members education solutions that perfectly match their current needs and can flex to cover all eventualities in the future. To achieve that, we go the extra mile in terms of service, availability, and commitment. That’s why #ProudlyEdvicon.

Our idea is simple: give people a trusting work environment, promote collaboration across continental, regional, and departmental divides, and make sure there are enough freedom and flexibility to integrate volunteerism and life. Looking at the above-average tenure of our volunteers, we’d say it has been a winning recipe. But it doesn’t stop at volunteer satisfactionRead more

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