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The mission of Microsoft Digital is to power, protect, and transform Microsoft as the voice of our digital transition in the market.

​​​​​​As part of Microsoft’s Cloud + AI Group, we are responsible for building, managing, and securing the platform, products, processes, and services that powers Microsoft. We build, maintain, and implement a cloud-first approach to our technology and experiences, from custom-built business solutions developing our campus of the future and our productivity and... collaboration experiences like Teams and SharePoint, to horizontal 3rd party solutions like SAP and Adobe. As a steward of Microsoft and our customer’s data, a core function of Microsoft Digital is ensuring the security of every aspect of the business. Microsoft Digital is responsible for company-wide information security and compliance, with a strategic focus on information protection, assessment, awareness, governance, and enterprise business continuity. Microsoft Digital’s charter is also to influence and work alongside engineers across the company and with strategic partners to build and grow their cloud products and services. As customer zero, we deploy these services inside Microsoft and then share best practices with enterprise customers at scale across the globe.

Want to help drive the future of end user productivity using innovative technologies? Want to work across a variety of product groups and business organizations to leverage the latest and greatest technology? Then look no further.

Employee Productivity (EE) delivers and runs services that create a highly productive work environment for all Microsoft employees.

We are looking for a Principal Software Engineering Manager who will be part of the Digital Workplace (DW) engineering team and contribute to building employee experiences on the web/mobile.

The vision of WW is to create a digital experience that empowers employees to be more productive, grow and develop their careers and enjoy their life at Microsoft in a simple, personal, ​and user-centered way. ​Our Key principles are Employee productivity and delight as our top priority; the experience must be simple, personal, and user centered​; the experience is not role specific; and is targeted toward all Microsoft employees​ and complement to other Microsoft products.

The ideal candidate will play a significant role working with different stakeholders like technical engineering PMs, Software Engineers, and Architects across Microsoft to identify opportunities, coordinate solutions (adjust priorities, define new features, co-design/develop, etc.), and accelerate delivery of key technology services and capabilities to improve and ensure the best end-to-end customer and employee experiencesRead more

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