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Have you ever wondered how Microsoft manages its revenue? Most simplistically, we collect money from customers, and we pay employees, partners, vendors, and stockholders. But when you think of the scale of Microsoft’s worldwide operations, our products and services mix and the size of our business you realize that the financial and workflow experiences that support our ability to do business are massive, complex and mission critical. The Corporate Functions Engineering organization (CFE) in... Core Services Engineering and Operations at Microsoft (CSEO) leads that effort. We run Microsoft!

Our challenge is to create and demonstrate world leadership in the digital transformation of corporate finance. Our scope includes sales (lead to order and order to cash), services (consulting and support), procurement and payment (procure to pay), indirect and direct tax, general accounting, external relations, and more. Our financial systems and experiences must grow to meet tomorrow’s challenges. But wait, there’s more! We will accelerate Microsoft’s growth by radically transforming our financial and workflow experiences to be the most scalable, agile, intelligent and compliant in the world. We work on the premise that our experiences are consumer grade and showcase the best of the Microsoft technology and user experience stackRead more

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