Project Manager - Analytics - Python + Text Mining

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Roles and Responsibilities Brief description of the role:
- Work with the team to solve client business problems by translating them into an analytics problem solving framework
- Analyze structured and unstructured data from a number of drivers in the interest of solving specific questions/problems with processes in the various functional areas
- Hands on experience in Data modelling and data analytics tools like, SQL, Python and good knowledge in advanced analytics / Machine learning ... statistical / data mining / Text mining techniques in Regression or classification
- The individual needs to leverage existing data and generate actionable insights
- Deliver on analytical solutions in insurance, leveraging deep business understanding and analytical expertise
- Develop and maintain a relationship with business stakeholders
- Business Problem Solutions with Value addition to client businesses
- Specify Analysis tasks to generate insights
- Maintain high standards of quality
- Research and apply new methodologies to varied client situations
- Project Management
- Team Management
- Contributions to Strategic Initiatives within Analytics practice

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