Senior Data Engineer - Data Mining/Data Integration

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Job Description

The core activities of this role are :

- Design, construct, install, test and maintain data management systems.

- Build high-performance algorithms, predictive models, and prototypes.

- Ensure that all systems meet the businesscompany requirements as well as industry practices.

- Integrate up-and-coming data management and software engineering technologies into existing data structures.

- Develop set processes for data integration, data mining, data modeling, and data production.

... Research new uses for existing data.

- Collaborate with members of your team (e.g., Business Analysts, the IT team, data scientists) on the project's goals.

- Installupdate disaster recovery procedures.

- Work with cloud computing environments.

- Recommend different ways to constantly improve data reliability and quality.

- Build and develop custom marketing dashboards for campaign effectiveness, dailyweeklymonthly trends on various KPIs

- Highlight key metrics, analyse and interpret trends and provide actionable insights for future marketing activities based on available data

- Conduct ROI analysis and attribution to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of various marketing initiatives

- Define baselines and benchmarks to define the success and failure of marketing campaigns

Key Skills :

- Proficiency in Python and SQL

- Thorough understanding of SQLNOSQL databases such as Snowflake, Google Big Query, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, MYSQL

- Proficiency in developing dashboards, reports using Data VisualizationBI tools such as Tableau, Google Looker, Sisense

- Exposure to various analytical & marketing campaign platforms (e.g. Google Analytics, Clevertap, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Adobe Analytics, YouTube Analytics, etc.)

Nice to have :

- Familiarity with Big Data technologies such as Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm

- Experience in analyticsML libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Skilearn, Scipy or similar libraries

- Familiarity with Tensorflow, Keras

- Familiarity with Data Integration libraries such as Apache Airflow, Luigi

- Experience on developing and deploying applications on Google Cloud Platform andor AWSShow full descriptionCollapse

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