Senior Software Engineering Manager

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Be part of a team that values collaboration and takes pride in keeping every person and organization on the planet protected and productive.

We are Windows Servicing & Delivery Team, an important part of Microsoft’s Windows & Devices strategy. We are responsible for making engineering changes to the Windows Operating System to keep our customers protected and productive. We deliver updates to over a billion active Windows devices on the planet. With the global pandemic re-emphasizing what a... powerful productivity tool Windows is, that number is growing larger each day.

Different parts of our engineering team work across various operating system areas, including web browsers, media, graphics, device drivers, networking, storage, files system, kernel, virtualization, active directory etc. We also build scalable Azure services for supporting the delivery of updates to a vast and heterogeneous ecosystem and performing intelligent monitoring of the health of the system. 

We are looking for highly motivated Software Engineering Leader, a great coach who can bring the best of a very talented group of passionate people.

This Software Engineering Lead role represents an opportunity to work on the Operating system, design and ship quality updates protecting the billions. You will have the opportunity to influence the roadmap of new and existing features in Windows. We encourage a growth mindset where failures are learning opportunities, feedback is a gift and collaboration yields better outcomes. Customers are the number one reason we exist; ensuring they have excellent experiences with Windows is our top priority. Customer excitement helps drive our own passion to create quality experiencesRead more

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