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MS Digital builds and manages the critical products and services that Microsoft runs on. We boldly pursue big ideas that power transformational advances at Microsoft and for our customers, while helping Microsoft teams work smarter, faster and more securely every day. MS Digital employees have deep technical and business expertise, customer insights, and a clear point of view that comes from first-hand, large-scale experience with Microsoft and industry solutions. We are engineers, technology... leaders and experts, digital transformation change agents, and customer advocates. Within MS Digital, our organization is part of the Employee Experience (EE) team that helps ensure every employee is productive from day one.

Are you passionate about delivering solutions to help Microsoft’s customers, and do you love to solve challenging problems through innovative engineering of end-to-end customer experience solutions? Are you naturally curious, deeply technical, and have experience building products and services? Do you want an agile and collaborative environment where you can tackle challenges that deliver immediate and measurable business impact? Our organization is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions based on Modern Engineering principles across a variety of channels, allowing our customers to get the support they need, when they need it, for any of Microsoft’s products and services!

Critical to E360’s success is the design, build, and run of its infrastructure. Microsoft business teams depend on E360 to enable the fabric to connect, host, and support enterprise services. Our hybrid networking designed solutions leverage both hardware and software networking appliances and architectures to create environments that have “corporate context” where necessary to ensure the safe operation of corporate resources in the Cloud. This ensures a secure, reliable, modern, scalable, and readily available environment for Microsoft IT admins, info workers, and developers. E360 builds and operates the cloud infrastructure hosting critical services and applications. We have exciting opportunities for you to innovate, influence, transform, inspire and grow within our organization and we encourage you to apply to learn more!  

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