Software Engineer II

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Azure Edge + Platform brings together Edge platforms, devices, and services to deliver Edge solutions, operating systems, aand engineering systems. Driven by its customers’ needs, Azure Edge + Platform seeks to accelerate growth for Azure, E&D, and Microsoft’s customers worldwide.

The organization’s portfolio spans the Cloud Edge Stack, Azure Engineering Systems, Azure Media Services - for end-to-end media workflow and analytics - and Microsoft’s Operating Systems including the Azure Host OS... and Windows. This portfolio impressively powers the world with more than one billion monthly active devices.

As part of Azure Edge + Platform, Azure monitor is the third party offering from Azure and are a rapidly growing resource on Azure.

As part of Azure monitor, we are working on redesigning our architecture to take advantage of the benefits of latest paradigms like containerization, unification of telemetry pipelines etc.

our team's responsibilities are:
• Running High scale distributed services with high reliability
• Ensuring Low e2e latencies
• ability to handle variable scales
• keeping the operational costs down to optimal levelRead more

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